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The client was looking for a logistic solution that will provide online quotation and booking facility on basis of pick-up and drop-off distance, type of goods and date of transport. Here we need to provide an option to book vehicle/logistics at a lower price if a truck is already running on route with empty space and near to client.

The mobile app team understood that there needs to be away to track the vehicle load/unload for each stop pages, check the truck route and take bookings with some discount (added by portal) for easy booking to help booker and transport company both. It’s a win-win situation for transport companies as they get extra bookings while a truck is on-route with some space and clients get low-cost transport.

If there is no trucking running on requested route the system provides average cost of transport and send estimation request to all registered transport companies. The portal must have finance details, billing, bookings and % charges details for monthly/by weekly payments record.


Our mobile application team developed a system in CodeIgniter framework with Native mobile apps for Drivers & Clients with all of the features required to book and track order. The web portal comes with 2 segments: Super Admin (PikShip) and Transport companies’ portal.

The system has an option to register driver, trucks, add route with stoppages and google map. Once the route is added it can be started for specific date with assigned trucks and system will start taking booking.

The system has an easy option to set pricing for each stop or by distance for transport company. It also comes with an easy option to super admin to set % for each transport company with monthly/by-weekly billing statement and payment record.


Organization Type
Transport & Logistic Services

Web Development Technology: CodeIgniter, MySQL, Google APIs for location and map
Mobile app development technology – Android Studio for Android and XCode for iOS app
Web front – CodeIgniter, HTML 5, CSS 3 , Ajax and jQuery

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