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Strother Nursing & Surgical Assistants


Strother Nursing & Surgical Services (SNSS) specializes in staffing surgical assistants who specialize in Robotic Surgery. As the company grows, the need for a simple resume intake process was necessary to bring in more people. SNSS had not had a web presence, but it became apparent that it would be efficient to both have a stable web presence to both attract hospitals and medical centers and allow for staffing candidates to apply for robotic surgical assistant positions.


Our team developed an eye-pleasing and professional website using a WordPress theme. We modified the theme to fit the SNSS’s vision. Logo design was also included in our service offerings to add a cohesive look and feel to the theme of the website. We chose WordPress because of its content management ease of use. In addition, we created a careers page with a simple and secure application form for candidates to enter their information and upload their resume (Word or PDF). SNSS staff will be emailed the form information and resume. The application information and resume document can also be retrieved from the WordPress-Admin (the backend).


Organization Type
Licensed Certified Surgical Assistants Staffing

WordPress-based CMS, Theme modifications, Response theme customization. Logo Design. Resume submission capabilities. Form and uploaded file retrieval from WP-admin.

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