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Jane Bancroft Robinson Foundation (JBRF)


Grounded in the legacy of the United Methodist Church, the Jane Bancroft Robinson Foundation (JBRF) is committed to advancing the health and overall livelihood of Black women living East of the Anacostia River in Washington, D.C. and is devoted to reducing racial, health, and economic disparities. They needed a website to reach the target audience of those in need and those who donate.


As a subcontractor to Brandire, we developed a modern and responsive website using WordPress. We incorporated the logo and color scheme of the organization’s logo and marketing materials such as videos created by Brandire. The organization’s staff can update text and photos through the WP-Admin. We created video tutorials so that an administrator can update the site.


Organization Type
Non-Profit Collaborative

WordPress-based Content Management System, Custom Designed submenu, Responsive Theme customization Mailchimp Integration, MySQL DB, Php, SEO

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