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Regmo Promotions, Inc (or Regmo Promo) is a party promotion company with signature events such as the “Hip Hop Bar Crawl” on U-street in Washington, DC. The promotion company has more Hip Hop Boat Party events and needed to have a separate website with a similar design as the main Regmo Promo website dedicated to the Boat Party events. In addition, the client needed the WordPress-based website to integrate Eventbrite so that when the client can Boat Party events using their Eventbrite account the event will show on the website.


Polished Technologies, LLC created a separate Boat Party website similar to the original Regmo Promo website which was also created by Polished Technologies. We integrated the Eventbrite API with the client’s WordPress-based website. The client can now enter events using their Eventbrite account and they will flow through to the website in a list and on a calendar on the Events page. Users can also buy tickets on the Boat Party website through the Eventbrite integration.

Performing Ongoing Maintenance


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Planning and Event Promotions

Eventbrite API integration, WordPress-based CMS, Theme modifications, Responsive Theme customization, Image Download Protection, SEO, Google Analytics Integration, MailChimp integration.

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