Phenom Surgical, LLC


Along with a full redesign and redevelopment of the company website, Phenom Surgical needed a website that allow their customer medical facilities to schedule surgical staff where that schedule request can be approved by staff. The surgical staffing company also needed an extensive step-by-step intake form process.


We created a user-friendly and responsive website using WordPress and program a facilities form that would send a staff schedule request to PhenomSurgical staff. In addition, we created an extensive 4-part intake form which allow candidates to input their information into a form which then produces the PDF form sent to both the candidate and PhenomSurgical staff. We added Search Engine Optimization.


Organization Type
Licensed Certified Surgical Assistants Staffing

WordPress-based CMS, Theme modifications, Response theme customization. Customized online career opportunities job forms that generate one PDF that is emailed to Staff and a copy to the User. Customized Schedule Upload document form and Manual Input form that is emailed to staff.

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