Business-to-Government Consulting

 What we offer

Our Business-2-Government (B2G) consulting services prepare our clients to do business with the federal government. For businesses that desires to do business with the Federal government, we execute many of the duties a full government services department would perform.

The Impact podcast

Our founder describes the do’s and don’ts of Government Contracting and explains Polished Technologies, LLC’s Business-to-Government (B2G) consulting services.

The IMPACT Podcast brings you on a journey with industry and thought leaders. Hear about their experiences, lessons learned, and gain knowledge, hope, and motivation in the process.
The podcast is hosted by iLynx’s President & CEO, Sharif Almamun.

Services Include

Government Contacting 101 Training

Businesses that have found success in the commercial space often need help understanding the Federal Government landscape. Polished will spend one hour going over the basics of government contracting including: the procurement cycle; procurement types; where and how to look for government contracts; and socio-economic designations & contract vehicles.

B2G Business Development

Polished has come to the aid of companies seeking a business development approach to government contracting. Whether a company understands the landscape or needs more help after taking our Government Contracting 101, our Business-2-Government services will help discover the best possible win strategy for your company based on the company’s expertise and past experience. We take the time to come up with the strategy, understand which agency or agencies to go after and suggest strategic partnerships.

Relationship Management

A strong part of any Business-2 Government Business Development strategy is having strong partnerships. Therefore, part of our outreach efforts includes finding strategic partners. Polished offers not only leverage its existing relationships we will also help make new ones or strengthen existing ones for your company.

GSA Schedule Consulting Support

Through a strategic partnership, Polished can offer companies assistance with their GSA Schedule applications. Our partner has proven to cut through the confusion and save time reviewing or completing the respective applications.

Support Offerings

OPTION 1) GSA Schedule Review:  For those companies that have already completed their schedule offer and have it ready to the point of submission, we offer a comprehensive one-time quality control review of your offer package to ensure compliance with solicitation requirements, and to provide feedback and recommendations to best position the offer to be approved. We are able to identify what documentation is missing from your offer, and to highlight the documentation that is incomplete or incorrect and in need of revision. Once review is completed and we provide our comments/feedback on our developed checklist, we then schedule a teleconference with your team once the review is complete to explain our comments/feedback and to answer any of your GSA Schedule related questions to help improve your offer.

OPTION 2) GSA Schedule Guidance To Submission: In this capacity we serve as your team’s subject matter expert to guide you the process of completing your offer, while providing you with checklists, templates and tools to help you successfully complete the proposal package to include a step by step walk-through of how to respond, upload and submit your offer package. We also work to verify that the information and documentation being submitted is accurate and complete. Under this package, the consultant serves as a guide to assist the client through the offer submission process, which is an ideal solution for those firms that would like to take a “hands-on” approach to completing the necessary paperwork. Company personnel must purchase a digital certificate from GSA approved vendor.

OPTION 3) GSA Schedule Turnkey Completion Through Award: In this capacity we help expedite the submission process by completing the offer package on your behalf, thereby minimizing the amount of time and resources required by your company to complete the proposal offer. Our team will offer a complete turnkey solution by completing all of the required documentation (to include technical writing, pricing documentation, and past performance write ups), uploading and submitting the offer, and handling all post-offer submission negotiations and responsibilities to ensure the approval of your GSA Schedule offer (this includes completion of the FPR and upload of the terms and conditions pricelist via the SIP Program). Under this package, the consultant is responsible for the overall acceptance and approval of the GSA Schedule offer, and bears responsibility to make the required revisions and updates to the client’s offer until offer acceptance and award of schedule. Upon award of the schedule, the consultant shall provide a 1-2 hour training to the Ebuy and sales reporting system, along with providing guidance and tips regarding how to effectively market the company’s GSA Schedule.

8(a) Application Consulting Support

Through a strategic partnership, Polished can offer companies assistance with their 8(a) Certification applications. Our partner has proven to cut through the confusion and save time reviewing or completing the respective applications.

Support Offerings

8a Application Review and Audit:

  • 8(a) Initial Review
  • Subsequent Reviews

A La Carte Services:

  • 8(a) Initial Application Development
  • Social & Economic Disadvantage Narrative (if needed)
  • 8(a) Clarification Response Letter Package As Required By The SBA
  • 1010c Business Plan After Approval (We Do All The Writing!)

Packaged 8(a) Application Support

  • 8(a) Turnkey Application Support
  • Includes Social & Economic Disadvantage Narrative
  • Includes All Required 8(a) Clarification Response Letters
  • Includes 1010c Business Plan After Approval